We all know that appropriate hydration is essential to maintain our body and skin healthy and glowy, and we do also know that there are a thousand ways to increase our daily water intake. However, we like to keep it as simple and clear as water is!

Explore our five tips to boost your hydration, improve your moisture skin barrier, and look radiant with no effort!


1 – drink, drink, drink!

An adequate daily intake of water is the very first step to maintaining your skin and body hydrated, suppled and glowy. It is recommended to assume at least 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day and to consume fruit and vegetables at every meal to guarantee the correct apport of mineral salts and nutrients to the body.


2 – eat water!

Yes, we know it may sound bizarre but there are fruits and vegetables so rich in water that will make our mission of assuming enough water a bit less complicated. As our micro nutritionist Valérie Espinasse says: ‘Your food routine has a direct effect on your skin hydration’. Especially now that we are approaching summer we suggest three foods that contain more than 90% of water. Cucumber (95%) is low in calories and a great source of vitamins and fibre, tomatoes (95%) are a good source of Vitamin A, essential to keep the skin healthy, and spinach (93%) that is not just a great source of iron but also it is also packed with Vitamins C, A, and K.


3 – cleanse gently!

Dry and dehydrated skins tend to be very sensitive and highly reactive to aggressive agents, as well as those lacking water tend to look dull, feel tight, and increase the appearance of ageing signs. For this reason, it is important to gentle cleanse your skin to remove impurities, dead cells and pollutants using cleansers with natural ingredients that do not damage the ability of the skin to retain moisture and bring the skin back into balance.


4 – don’t underestimate the night!

Overnight hydration is vital for all skin types. The highest number of cell divisions occurs between midnight and 1 am and this is when the skin is in the optimal conditions to absorb active ingredients. Applying a highly hydrating night serum will restore your skin barrier, boost hydration and nourish the deepest layers of your skin while you sleep.


5 – use a simple but effective skincare routine!

Our skin doesn’t really need a 10-steps skincare routine to be healthy, nourished and hydrated! Our skin tends to favour a few, but effective ingredients that actually work. Prefer deeply hydrating ingredients, such as Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid and natural Glycerin, they are ideal to nourish the skin and keep the water and moisture locked in. This trio donates inside-out hydration and replenishes the skin cells, whilst also protecting the skin’s moisture barrier and locking in hydration.


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Discover our Hydration Routine




This gentle cleanser removes impurities, pollutants and make-up whilst also revitalising and hydrating the skin.

This effective formula activated with Aloe Vera and Pre & Probiotics makes the skin feel hydrated and refreshed, and delivers a bright, glowy and dewy finish.


86% found the application easy, with a non-sticky finish*

*tested over 50 people over 4 weeks of use (ref)




A face cream that not only hydrates and illuminates, but also works to protect and nourish your skin. With its instantly nourishing properties from two super ingredients, matcha and Aloe Vera combined with Pre & Probiotics, this moisturiser makes the skin feel replenished, softer and more supple, and delivers a plumped and perfect glow that lasts a whole day.

One application of Breathe Day Cream every morning will bring a 52% concentration blend of active ingredients in your face.


94% feel their skin more hydrated*

90% feel their skin plumped and healthier *

*tested over 50 people over 4 weeks of use (ref)




This moisture-boosting night serum gives deep hydration and a plumper-looking skin upon wakening thanks to its formula activated with two super ingredients that stimulate hydration: Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid.

In the morning, your skin will feel smoothed and soothed, and your complexion will look unified, glowy and ready to start the day!

One application of Replenish Night Shot is activated by 30% of concentrated Aloe Vera.


87% feel their skin softer and fresh*

+ 108.3% increase in moisturising level**

*Tested over 50 people over 4 weeks of use (ref)

**T1H over 10 women dry skin (ref)




This powerful overnight mask restores, revives and refreshes your skin whilst your body rests.

Renew Sleeping Mask combines Aloe Vera, Matcha, Pre & Probiotics, and AHA that donate a radiance-boosting and bouncy glow to your skin, while protecting your natural microbiome.

This healthy glow will bring you wellness while supporting your skin barrier health

One application at night, three times a week of Renew Sleeping Mask will bring you a blend of active ingredients at a 47% concentration.


94% feel the skin hydrated and nourished*

92% feel the skin looks smoothed*

*tested over 50 people over 4 weeks of use (ref)





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