How Inur is involved in a more vegan behaviour

Our New Year’s resolution

A new year means new commitments and new challenges. How are we going to take good care of our skin in 2023?

At Inur, we are committed to pursuing what’s best for our bodies and the planet. January is the perfect time to embrace a plant-based lifestyle with the annual campaign of Veganuary, where individuals pledge to follow a vegan diet for the month and beyond, promoting a kinder and more sustainable world for 31 days. It may be challenging to apply the rule to everything, but when it comes to skincare, at INUR, we have the solution.

So, let’s embrace our January skin with a commitment to vegan products. Let’s glow vegan this year! Vegan skincare means that products are created without using any ingredient derived from animals, including animal by-products. The difference with cruelty-free is that a cruelty-free product has not been tested on animals.

At INUR, we are not only vegan friendly, WE ARE VEGAN, meaning that our formula excludes ingredients such as carmine, allantoin, gelatine, honey, lanolin, and squalene… we tend to dig into natural raw materials to offer what is best for the skin.

Vegan but not only…

Inur is not only a vegan-committed brand but it is also formulated with 100% natural origins ingredients. We use Matcha leaves, Aloe Vera, natural Vitamin C or AHA, etc. This represents the perfect first step to a more vegan lifestyle in January.

In order to connect your mind and body to your skin, we recommend eating vegan food such as fruits, vegetables, and drinking matcha tea to help detox and boost your antioxidants and vitamins.

During Veganuary, follow our vegan skin routine and enter into the new year with the best new resolution ever:

PURITY: deeply cleanse your skin with our Purity micellar water enriched in Aloe Vera and probiotics

BREATHE: Make your skin breathe during the day with this day cream that hydrates and protects the skin microbiome thanks to prebiotics and probiotics combined with Matcha and Aloe Vera.

PAUSE: infuse and relax your skin at night with natural Vitamin C to wake up with a youthful glow.

RENEW: let your skin renew itself with our bestseller night mask with natural exfoliation.

In 2023, we wish you to live well INUR mind, body and skin!


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