Inur Beauty and the TikTok Slugging Trend

What is slugging?

Slugging has become part of everyone’s skincare night routine since it has gone viral on TikTok. But, what is it actually?  It is the Korean beauty skincare trend that involves layering an occlusive agent over the top of moisturizer to form an extra thick layer as the last step in our night-time skincare routine.

We usually recommend to slug at night to heal dehydrated, dry, cracked or inflamed skin. To maintain results, we would recommend slugging 2-3 nights per week.


Can we use Inur Beauty to slug?

INUR Beauty can be used as a natural alternative to slug the skin at night.

Indeed, instead of using petrolatum, INUR beauty is using a natural raw ingredient as an alternative. The main ingredient is Coconut-derived extract. Coconut-derived extract is a plant based alternative to petrolatum product. It will still have the same ointment’s role to help relieve dry or irritated skin but it is 100% natural origin.


What is the best product at INUR to use to slug?

Renew makes the best natural skincare product to slug at night.

Renew Sleeping Mask contains all the key ingredients for slugging: it is rich in antioxidants (matcha), it will prevent TEWL (trans-epidermal water loss), while locking in moisture thanks to aloe vera, glycerin and coconut extract. The skin will remain hydrated and the skin barrier will be protected thanks to prebiotics and probiotics used in the formula.

The process of healing will be gently done with the combined action of Aloe Vera and AHA.

To complete your night skincare routine, increase the benefits of slugging effects and obtain better healing results, use Replenish Night Shot, our aloe vera and hyaluronic acid night serum prior to slugging with Renew Sleeping Mask.


Is slugging good for all skin?

Slugging is recommended for dry and irritated skin. We would not recommend it for acne prone skin or combination skin.


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