How The Menopause Affects Your Skin

Everything you need to know about the changes and the products which can really help…

Menopause is a natural transition that all women experience, and whilst the timing and symptoms vary, most will notice a whole host of new skin changes. This is all down to plummeting hormone levels - particularly oestrogen which can have a big impact on the condition of your skin. Read on to find out more about the symptoms, how to counteract them and our round-up of the best menopause skincare which can help…

The Menopause And Ageing Skin

We’re all aware that collagen production slows with age, but numerous studies have shown that during the first five years of menopause, its production decreases by 30%. With this in mind, it’s no surprise your skin looks and feels considerably less plump. To help tackle fine lines and promote a more youthful complexion, you’ll love our Pause Night Shot. Infused with matcha and vitamin C, it helps rejuvenate, restore and firm. Also don’t forget your SPF as protecting your skin from the sun is single-handedly the best thing you can do to prevent further signs of ageing. This should be worn every day… even in winter. 

The Menopause And Dry Skin

During the menopause, our skin also loses its ability to retain water, meaning it becomes a lot drier than usual. Falling oestrogen levels can also cause our skin barrier to become more dehydrated and our oil glands to not be as effective as they once were. To combat this, rehydrating your skin with moisture-boosting products is a must. Try our Replenish Night Shot which is formulated with hyaluronic acid to help quench thirsty skin whilst you sleep. 

The Menopause And Itchy, Irritated Or Sensitive Skin

If you’ve noticed your skin is more easily irritated, or has become more sensitive and perhaps even itchy, this is because around the age of 50, the pH level of your skin changes. Those who have previously suffered with skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema may also find these return or worsen. New and unexplained rashes are also common as a lack of oestrogen can make your skin more prone to sensitivity when exposed to certain things like itchy fabrics and certain perfumes, fragrances or dyes. Our best advice here is to be mindful about what products and ingredients you’re using. Look for natural formulas which are kind to the skin. Our Renew Sleeping Mask is packed with 100% natural aloe vera and pre and probiotics and is super gentle, so well suited to those with sensitive skin. It helps support your skin barrier and protect it’s microbiome. 

The Menopause And Acne-Prone Skin

Hormonal acne, which we typically associate with our younger years, can reappear during this time too due to fluctuating and imbalanced hormones. Whilst oestrogen is lower, androgen hormones like testosterone can be higher. On top of this, as we age our ability to turn over new skin cells also slows which can mean pores become clogged more easily. To help keep breakouts at bay, try our Breathe Day Cream which contains aloe vera and matcha. Rich in vitamin A and zinc, it helps boost skin health and has anti-inflammatory benefits too.  Also try our Realign Night Shot – it helps tackle redness and pesky blemishes for a healthier looking complexion.  

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