PREBIOTICS & PROBIOTICS: an interview with Valérie Espinasse

Marion has been working in close contact with a community of Nutritionists and Naturopaths, especially the French micro-nutritionist expert Valérie Espinasse, to develop Inur formulations and an In & Out programme for skin health. 

Valérie has validated all Inur formulas and concepts, and for each product provides insightful tips on nutrition, skin health and Inur ingredients.  

‘Prebiotics & Probiotics’ is the first theme explored by Marion and Valérie in this interview, and they will unveil how these powerful ingredients work and benefit the skin health. 


Marion:  What is the difference between prebiotics and probiotics?

Valérie: Probiotics are saprophytic bacteria, i.e. non-pathogenic. They are present in your intestinal microbiota and also in the skin microbiota. Within these microbiotas coexist a great diversity of bacteria: the main ones are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Bacterial strains are different from one microbiota to another. Prebiotics are necessary for the proper development of probiotics and are of food origin, mainly from dietary fibres such as inulin.


Marion: What are the natural sources of prebiotic and probiotic?

Valérie: Your first probiotics are brought to you, at the time of childbirth, by the maternal vaginal flora. Then it is your diet that will bring you prebiotics and probiotics. Prebiotics are provided by plant fibres contained in fruits and vegetables (in particular: chicory, spinach, arugula, etc.) rich in inulin. Probiotics are provided by lactic ferments contained in dairy products: yoghurts, cheeses. 


Marion: You are specialised in the microbiome, what is the relationship between microbiome and skin?

Valérie: Scientific studies have proven the interconnection between the intestinal microbiota and the skin microbiota: by proving that a quality intestinal microbiota guarantees a balanced skin microbiota and, conversely, an imbalance of the intestinal microbiota leads to an imbalance of the skin microbiota with the appearance of eczema, for example. In my practice as a micro nutritionist, I treat many skin pathologies by acting exclusively on the intestinal microbiota through dietary changes and micronutrition cures. So, I confirm this obvious relationship between these two microbiotas.


Marion: For you, what is a ‘healthy skin’?

Valérie: It's a skin that makes you feel good about yourself! 

No reddening, no itchy, no imperfections (pimples, scales...), no discomfort.

Properly hydrated.


Healthy skin reflects a good state of overall health! 


Marion: Is there different kinds of Pre & Probiotics? If so, how should we choose them?

Valérie: Yes, there are different kinds of Pre & Probiotics. 

Ideally, you have to choose the ones you need! 

For prebiotics, I would recommend inulin and chlorophyll. 

Inulin improves digestive health. Chlorophyll acts as a healing agent, so it’s ideal to treat acne and redness-prone skin. 

For probiotics, I would recommend a mixture of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. This combination supports the body in absorbing good nutrients and boosting the immune system, thus helping to reduce viral infections. 


Marion: What could you tell us about probiotics used in INUR range?

Valérie: The probiotics used in the INUR cosmetic range are galactomyces, which are naturally present on the surface of the skin epidermis. Xylitol is the prebiotic of skin probiotics including galactomyces. The combination of these Pre and Probiotics, Xylitol and Galactomyces guarantees optimal skin microbiota, and therefore perfectly healthy skin.


Marion: What would be the ideal routine In and out for healthy skin?

Valérie: The IN is a diet rich in fruits and vegetables which will be a source of prebiotics necessary to maintain your intestinal microbiota and will provide you with the vitamins and antioxidants essential for the proper balance of your skin cells. These are also sufficient intakes of fatty acids of vegetable origin (vegetable oil, oilseeds, avocado, etc.) and water (1.5 litres of mineral water per day) for optimal skin hydration. 

The OUT is the use of cosmetics containing probiotics to maintain the skin's ecosystem and natural active ingredients to guarantee optimal hydration. 


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