Skincare Advice For Those With Sensitive Skin

Soothe your skin and reduce redness with these tried and tested top tips…

Suffering with sensitive skin? You’re not the only one. In fact, it’s one of the most common skin concerns. Here we take a closer look at the symptoms and possible causes, as well as some of the best ways to help… 

What Is Sensitive Skin And What Causes It? 

Sensitive skin presents itself in a whole host of different ways and varies hugely from person to person. Symptoms can include anything from sensitive skin to touch, rashes, redness and breakouts, to dryness, itching and even burning or stinging sensations. It’s not only the symptoms which are varied… the causes are too. 

First up, you can have naturally sensitive skin. This refers to specific skin disorders such as rosacea, eczema and dermatitis – all of which are genetic. Environmentally sensitive skin is characterised as skin that is unable to tolerate certain conditions such as the weather. Cold temperatures and wind can play havoc with your skin, as can the sun which is another big culprit. This type of sensitivity occurs because the nerve endings in the top layer of your skin have become damaged – resulting in a weakened or compromised skin barrier. Lastly, you may have reactive skin – this typically occurs when you use a product which has potentially irritating ingredients. Other triggers include what you’re eating, stress levels and even your hormones. 

How Is Best To Soothe Sensitive Skin And Reduce Redness?

Like with many skin issues, sensitivity can thankfully be helped with the right skincare but before doing so, it’s best to identify the cause. This will not only help you to treat it, but also potentially prevent it too which is particularly important if your sensitivity has arisen due to an environmental factor or perhaps because you’ve tried a new product. It’s also worth noting here that it’s possible to have a reaction to something even if you’ve tried, used or eaten it before. 

There are several dos and don’ts, but one of the best things you can do is to keep your routine simple. Don’t be tempted to overload your skin with too many products and avoid any which are fragranced as these are usually bad news for sensitive skin. Also steer clear of anything ‘antibacterial’ as they often contain alcohol which be very drying. Another top tip? The fewer the ingredients, the less likely you are to react so look for pared-back formulas. 

When it comes to the dos, do wear SPF religiously. This is a non-negotiable for all skin types so make sure you find one that doesn’t cause irritation and your skin likes. Do also ensure you’re moisturising your skin both morning and night. If you have reactive skin, always patch test any new products on the inside of your forearm and wait to see if a reaction develops. 

The Best INUR Skincare For Sensitive Skin

Each and every INUR product harnesses the power of vegan and natural origin ingredients which means they’re well suited to even the most sensitive of skin and help to calm inflammation, redness and irritation. Hyaluronic acid and glycerine are great for helping to lock in moisture and replenishing your skin which is a must if you’ve damaged your skin barrier. Our best moisturiser for sensitive skin? It has to be the Replenish Night Shot which helps to quench your skin overnight. Alongside hyaluronic acid, it’s also infused with anti-inflammatory aloe vera. 

For daytime, try our Breathe Day Cream. Expertly formulated with glycerine and antioxidant-rich matcha and pre and probiotics, it not only helps to protect your skin from daily stressors, but it also works to strengthen your skin barrier too. When it comes to cleansers, our Purity Day & Night Cleanser is super gentle but mighty effective. It will remove every trace of the day including makeup, SPF and impurities whilst also rebalancing, revitalising and soothing. 

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