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At Inur, wellness reaches its maximum expression.
We encourage a lifestyle approach to skincare, to celebrate the positive influence of nature, and how inner beauty shines brighter. 
We believe in natural super ingredients, and the power of vitamins and nutrients.

#INURambassador is a community of open-minded, curious people who strive to live well in their body, mind and skin. We share the same values and feel a powerful connection with nature. They envisage a world where wellness in mind, body and skin is an essential part of the daily routine, where what we eat and how we live is linked with the skin’s overall wellness.

Bring harmony to your mind, body and skin through our wellness system.

Take a moment.

Be inspired.

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  • it’s free to join
  • you’ll have the opportunity to try our products ahead of launch
  • you’ll have personalised voucher code to share with your community
  • you can earn a commission for every sale you make
  • you could be featured in our future photoshoots and appear in our social media pages
  • invitation to Inur events
  • learn about new launches as soon as they drop
  • participate to the development of the products
  • receive free products when your application is approved

Ambassador network: participate to our online and in-person private events where you can interact with like-minded people.

#INURacademy: learn tips directly from nutritionists and skin health experts to always be up to date and get the maximum benefits for your mind, body, and skin.


Signing up is simple, click here, fill out the form and after reviewing your profile, we will contact you let you know if your application has been successful.