Inur’s essence you feel better, you look better was born from its founder Marion Assuied’s conceptualisation of “what is good for my body should be good for my skin”. 

“In 2019, after years of bad sleep and a crazy lifestyle running three lives in one (as a mother, a woman and a CEO of an international beauty brand), and as a consequence of a huge stress breakdown, I had to change completely my lifestyle and nutrition routines. I started to practice yoga and meditation and adapted my diet with the support of a nutritionist to get more energy and serenity.

In 2020, thanks to the adoption of my new lifestyle, I realised I was spending hours focusing on my body’s health and should start to work on the health of my skin the same way. 

Marion Assuied Founder

I was able to have a full understanding of what I was eating but, even though I had almost 20 years of expertise in the beauty industry, I was not 100% clear about what I was applying on my face and the benefits for my health.”

From there, Marion started working very closely with Nutritionists to build an in & out beauty programme for skin’s health. The skin is the largest organ of our body, and the face, which is the most exposed one, reflects our nutrition and lifestyle habits. 

The search for achieving skin health, as well as body and mind wellness, led Marion to develop Inur in 2021.

This is how INUR was born.

Swimming pool landscape

Scientific patrons

Valérie Espinasse

Doctor of Pharmacy and Diploma of Micronutrition, of Predictive Medicine, anti-ageing and personalised medicine, Valérie Espinasse is also a specialist in phytotherapy and naturopathy. She is part of many working groups as knowledge is her leitmotif to evolve in practice. 

Valérie worked closely with Marion to validate Inur Fomulas. She built tailor made programme for each product to complete the journey across nutrition.

Valérie Espinasse