Our packaging reflects our commitment to endeavouring what is the very best for our body as well as for the planet. 

That’s why every step of our production process is characterised by recyclable materials and sustainable solutions. 

We keep our shipping packaging flat, so they fit through your mailbox and leave a lower carbon footprint. All our materials, including box, stickers and wrapping paper are made from biodegradable materials, plastic-free and printed with water-based and soy-based inks. They are 100% compostable and 100% recyclable, this means you can reuse or upcycle them at home. 

At Inur, we choose to use Clean & Green packaging for all our products. Our outer packaging is lightweight, recyclable, and made from FSC (Forest Sustainability Certified) certified paper, to help reducing deforestation, and to make sure forests are environmentally and socially responsible-managed. 

Our bottles are composed by 100% recyclable materials, including the cap and the pump.

We choose to support the limit of single-use plastic, and for this reason we do not use cellophane at any stage of our production, transport, and delivery process.

Inur Packaging