Inur - pronounced in-your - was founded with a drive to understand circadian beauty through the lenses of wellness (sleep) and nutrition (ingredients).

Inur is pioneer in a global wellness system based on a night-focused skincare approach which aims at connecting mind, body and skin with sleep. The night-focused skincare approach designed by Nutritionists complements what Science knows about skin processes:

"skin is most active between 11pm and midnight", and Inur used this evidence to maximise the benefits of its skincare products.

Inur promotes an ingredients-focused and results-driven solution to your skin concerns with the aim to connect our mind, body and skin respecting their natural rhythm.

in-your mind means appreciate our emotions. Remember to take time for ourselves and indulge in self-care as part of our overall wellness. Prioritise mental health and learn how to recognise our feelings: stress and lack of sleep can impact our life, health, body, and our skin too.

in-your body means respect our body's natural rhythm on our daily life. Knowledge of what ingredients we put on the inside and how we benefit on the outside. Inur encourages a holistic approach to introduce natural nutrients into our lifestyle that can support our overall health.

in-your skin means connect and harmonise with our skin as a living and breathing part of our life. Respect our skin's natural rhythm, learn its different needs throughout the day and night, and nourish it with clean, plant-based ingredients that work in sync with our body's circadian rhythm. 

This is what live well in-your mind, body and skin means.

Inur models