At Inur, we are committed to pursuing what is the very best for our bodies and for the planet. 

These assurances are our guide to making sure we live up to this in everything we do. 

Inur day and night: our skin’s needs change throughout the day. That's why Inur is formulated to work in sync with our skin’s natural rhythm. Ensuring it is nourished with everything needed to be healthy and beautiful day and night. 

Inur ingredients: every drop of Inur is made from 100% natural ingredients. We celebrate the power of nature in its purest form, and we don’t need anything else.  

Inur body: our all-natural ingredients contain vital vitamins, minerals and pre & probiotics that work inside the body to keep you healthy and beautiful inside and outside. 

Inur planet: all our packaging and products are 100% sustainably-sourced and recyclable. What inspires us is that we can do good for our skin and wellness without impacting our planet.